Sunday, April 28, 2013

From Frozen to Flying...

My Segway partner... for life!
My wonderful bride woke up one morning last week with the idea of getting me on a Segway... So, yesterday, we rented a two hour tour... "a two hour tour. The weather started getting rough..." (from the TV show Gilligan's Island if you're under 50 and you have no idea what I'm talking about.) I digress...

All I can say is... Wow, what a feeling of freedom...

It felt as if I was gliding on air... a real-life version of when I have dreams of running! And, they are only $6,500 a piece (such a steal, lol!)

No train tracks in this real-life dream! (see my last post if you don't know what I mean.)

Thanks babe!
(Say, you look cute in that helmet!)

BTW, if you cannot see the videos of our adventure below, please click here.


  1. How exciting! Love reading your posts ... I always look forward to them, much like the excitement and anticipation of the next Star Wars movie! What I love more, however, is seeing that BIG smile on your face!!!

  2. Loved your video, flying on the Segway. You have complete command of that thing. I'm not surprised because you were always a natural with mechanical gizmos. Remember, in '78, you brought a little helicopter toy to the apartment. You were the only one who could land that thing on the roof of the little building. Hope you can enjoy a ride every so often.

    1. He did? Well then how did he manage to break most of my toys then? hmmm ;)


  3. So amazing!! I can see why you enjoyed it so much - this is the freedom you have been missing (at least one of them ;)) $6,500 is nothing to the Creator of the Universe! Let's pray that it happens for you, Merv! It would be a gift to Dorrie as well. Love you both!

  4. Great video seeing the happy couple. Next you should try the Segway Dance together!