Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Have You Given Up?

Married in 1978 "for better or for worse..."
God provides everything we need at the right time and at the right place through the best means... Dorrie and I were carried by your many prayers yesterday... The last time I went off meds for 12 hours... well, it was pure physical torture... However, this time I did much better...

And... here we are in Seattle at Swedish Hospital for a full day of testing...

It's funny what I so easily take for granted... a comfortable bed every night, enough "on demand" food and snacks to satisfy even the slightest stomach growl or craving, a "24 hour on-call helper" by my side...

Time: 4am... can't sleep...

Well... I'm sitting here feeling very grateful for the uncomfortable and small single bed under me... while I stare at my best friend... who, unlike me, is sleeping atop her uncomfortable and small single bed (in what is sold as a hotel suite attached to Swedish Hospital)... this wonderful wife has stayed true to her word... to be by my side "through sickness and in health till death do us part."

Believe me, men (and women), you'll never know how precious a strong marriage is until you need it the most...

Have you made a similar vow to someone?  Are you keeping it?  A faithful, God-centered marriage is worth every effort...

Dorrie and I sang this song together on our wedding...

Let Us Climb The Hill Together... By Paul Clark
I have waited such a long, long time
for this day to come....
And all I have have to give is the love
from God’s only Son,
He gave to me to give unto you.

I pray that God will be with us night and day,
guide us all the way.
In our life there will be no strife
with Jesus Christ and his kingdom which has come,
and made it possible for you and I to be one.

I will make you queen of my home,
under the glory of the King.
We’ll raise our family
in a castle full of love,
and trust the Lord in everything.

Let us sing to the King

In times of trail when things are hard to see,
will you stand by me?
With love, it can heal the pain, so let it rain
on the roof of my soul. There is no hole
that love can’t fill.

So let us climb, let us climb,
let us climb the hill together.
Let us climb the hill together.
Let us climb the hill together.


  1. So glad you did better this time around, Merv!

    That video blew my socks off. What an amazing family!!!

  2. Merv you and Dorrie are such a great example of love and commitment in the face of adversity. God has given you such grace and courage. To even share so publicly what you are going You give and keep giving and inspire us all. The video...another wow. God's grace shining in love through adversity. Amazing stuff. We love you and are praying for you.

  3. Good words Merv. Still praying for you. I want to be as romantic as you and Dorrie..