Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Brain and PD

We both heard the diagnosis at the same time.  Dorrie and I were seeing yet another Doctor in our quest for what we'd hoped was a simple answer to some annoying symptoms.  This time it was a Neurologist.  "I think you have Parkinson's Disease."

My reaction... "Cool, this sounds like a fun challenge..." (to myself, of course)

Dorrie's reaction?  She became immediately ill... struggling to stay conscious as waves of nausea poured over her.  "Maybe," I thought, "I won't tell her about the 'fun challenge' part right now..."

I was a very good athlete.  Basketball was the game, and I was strong, agile, and competitive to the core.  In High School, I lead the entire league in scoring.  And with this accomplishment in hand, I was able to negotiate two athletic scholarships, almost completely covering my college tuition.  And, to top it all off, I was voted "Campus Clown" in my second year... people liked me... 
To be continued... (for now, off to bed!)


It is difficult for me to write about my struggle with Parkinson's Disease.  It currently is a terminal neurological disease with no known cure.  It has robbed me of much of my day to day strength... and I can see that I'm losing ground fast.  However, in many ways "Parks" (as nicknamed by Dorrie) has turned out to be a great friend and teacher.  Sitting in his class and listening to his lectures year after year has matured me as I've come to better know myself through suffering.  

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