Saturday, September 17, 2016


Hi there! Welcome to Merv's Little Brain... the online digital burial ground of my insights, joys, fears, and ultimate hope. Why 'little' brain, you ask? Well... simply because I've nothing new or original to say (except on an occasional sleepy Friday nite.)

But alas, a few kindhearted friends thot that the mental exercise in running a blog would help me keep my small brain from growing even smaller (and, more importantly, keep me out of Costco's return line.)

The family keeps on getting bigger!
 Among my qualifications to run this blog are:
  1. a perpetual state of tiredness... (being up every 2-3 hours around the clock), and
  2. a true mastery of the lost art of 'copy and paste'.
    (I'm told the combination can result is wisdom so high that it only makes sense to a chosen few!)

Also, as the owner of said 'Small Brain' Blog, don't expect me to reply to you comments or questions if you chose to leave evidence that you actually were here.... especially if you possess one of those really BIG brains... please "pick on a brain your own size!" (author unknown)

HOWEVER, if you are an owner of a small brain like mine, read on! I might just save you some research time...

Best Regards,

Merv Best


My Little Brain Pledge:
  1. I purpose to be passionate in the pursuit of holiness, and to look for and remove any weeds of sin which I've allowed either overtly or covertly to invade my heart.
  2. I purpose to lead a disciplined life; to rise early and to study God's Word with all the determination I can muster, expecting God to provide both wisdom and faith to constantly lead my wife and family to the cross. 
  3. I purpose to kick "Parks" in the butt every time he shows up... he has overstayed his welcome and I must not let him take over my life. He selfishly looks to weaken both my spiritual and physical walk... but with Christ's help he will NEVER do so! Every time I struggle out of bed and reach for medicine, in my heart I will always purpose to reach for the grace which only Christ can (and does) provide.

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