Friday, January 14, 2011

The Bible on DRUGS! (How to get your kids to BEG you to read the bible to them EVERY night!)

Dads, how do you put your young kids to bed?  What's that?  You say it's the wife's job?  I'd encourage you to reconsider.  Before you know it, your little tikes become big tikes... and you can't turn back the clock.

Unfortunately, Parkinson's Disease has made me the world's worst reader... and, by 8:30pm, even if I could read, I'm exhausted!  So for months now, all I've been able to do (after kissing them goodnight and praying with them) is set my iPad in their room and stream good, soothing music for them to nod off to sleep... then, Dorrie and I slip in to the living room to watch the day's recorded news (and get depressed watching how bad everything is out there!)

Well, last night I decided to spend some "quality" time with my two girls... and have some good old fashioned bible reading.  The girls grumbled in disappointment.

However, we were about to discover something truly breathtaking...

For the next hour, Karli, Clara, and I were magically transported back in time to when Jesus walked the earth in human form. And, at the end, Karli (the only one still awake) sleepily exclaimed, "can we do this every night... and start with Genesis?"  Yes Karli, we can...

Let the adventure begin!

The Bread of Life (John 6:1-35) by The Word of Promise


  1. That's great! My girls have always enjoyed the "Alice in Bibleland" series. Not exactly the bible but it's the same messages, just delivered in a format that they enjoy.

  2. Well done, Merv…God will honor you, because His word is full of living power to break down the enemy’s strongholds. In Rev. the sword comes out of the conquering King’s mouth and it is the WORD OF GOD. As you shared, I also thought of singing a song with them. Worship is something you were born with, is one of your gifts, and inherited from your parents. I know from my Dad’s last 4 years, that music ability and memory is stored in a different part of the brain and lasts when lots of other stuff is gone bye bye!  In his last couple of years, he couldn’t even remember who his own kids were, but he could sit and sing old hymns from memory with me (even if he couldn’t figure out who I was) for over an hour!
    Very much love and prayers!