Sunday, December 26, 2010


1/31/2010 UPDATE:  PLEASE PRAY...We seem to be at an impass with Dr. Burchell's office because they are not wanting to trust Christian Care Medi Share since it is a different kind of "insurance." (They are saying they can't even do the DBS if we pay out of pocket.)

DBS Surgery is ONLY $70,000... such a deal!
After talking with OHSU doctors recently, we have chosen to postpone the California Stem Cell Surgery which had been slated for January 2011.  

Instead, I am in line to receive what's a called Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS).
This surgery has advanced significantly in the last couple of years and shows a lot of promise for improvement for me. It is our hope that this reversible brain surgery will relieve many of my current debilitating symptoms from PD, and from the medicines I take for it. 

Over the next few months we covet your support in prayer. We are at peace going to OHSU to do the DBS surgery as soon as March 2011.  The surgery will be done by Dr. Bruchell, one of the leading Neurosurgeons in the US for DBS.

We are excited around here... but also, a little scared!  After all, this is Brain Surgery we're talking about!  

Thank you all SO MUCH for praying! 

Best Regards,

Merv and Dorrie


  1. We love you Merv and continue to pray for you. So glad that God has given you all peace with this decision. I know it's been an extremely difficult decision to make.
    Lord bless you and keep you all.
    Happy New Year!! =)

  2. You got it man, we will lift you up!

  3. Haven't seen you in awhile to catch up - but, helpful to hear the updates. You and the family remain constant in our thoughts and prayers.