Friday, September 30, 2011


Thank you John Piper... I'm a white guy... 54 years old... was at your pastor's conference on racial prejudice about 8 years ago now... during the Q&A on the last day, I stood and spoke about my fine family and great children... "We are raising my sons to fear the Lord; to be faithful men... they will make fine husbands for those of you who who have daughters..."

After a brief pause, I added, "oh, I forgot to add one small detail... my sons are black! I hope this small omission doesn't prejudice you towards them. And if it does... WHY?"

I could feel the temperature in the room rise... I sat down, and started to tear up... the only person who came to comfort me, WAS A YOUNG BLACK MAN!

"What you said was right on, man."

His story was a sad one. He was currently attending a predominantly white church and had been fairly accepted... until, that is, he started showing interest in a white girl in the congregation. "I can sing 'Jesus loves me', go witnessing with the youth group, pay my tithe, and live in harmony with my white brothers," he said, "as long as I stay away from their white daughters...."

On the bus ride to the airport that afternoon, I sat beside a pastor from the south... I simply asked how the conference has affected his view on racial integration in his church... Obviously embarrassed by the question, he quietly stated "we have our church, they have theirs, and it is best that way..."

God forgive us!

My wife and I have since adopted 2 more... african-american sisters! They continue to be two of the greatest joys of my life!

In total (so far), we are blessed to have 5 (adopted) black children, and 2 (biological) white children, making "us whites" the minority in our own family!

ADOPTION: a constant reminder of God's unconditional love for me... His "adopted" son!

Again, thanks John...

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  1. How beautiful...I have no words. (tears) Thank you for sharing this Merv.