Friday, October 29, 2010

PD: How Would YOU Cope?

What it would be like to have your mental ability to process visual and audio, slow down to this speed... welcome to Parkinson's Disease!

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  1. Merv...thank you so much for helping us to understand and gain more compassion for not only you in your situation but for everyone who is suffering. You are such a gift and God keeps pouring out through you, over and over and over to bless us and build us up in our faith and ability to love others. I am so blessed. (tears) You are the best Mr. Best and I am honored to call you my friend and brother in Christ.

    May His word surround
    and lift your heart
    to see His face before your eyes,
    that all this world will seem as gray
    until that bright and shining day
    when you see Him face to face
    and all of this evaporates
    in the beauty that is Christ. (P.Hicks)

    Love you much dear brother.